Our Defense Lies in Your Hands

A month back me and all my cousins were craving for pizza at midnight. Without taking in consideration the fact that it was past midnight, we left home and started rushing towards SIALKOT Cantt, after reaching there we started strolling on the roads of Cantt without any fear, without any insecurity. That lack of insecurity was justified because at that time we found group of army men roaming on the roads in order to keep an eye over the discipline of that area. And yes, we all had an idea that SOMEONE is here for our protection Yes, someone is there for our DEFENSE.

“DEFENSE”; reasonably a catchy word. Articulate this world in front of a doctor and he will automatically think of those white blood cells also known as leukocytes within the human body that are involved in the protection of body and in minimizing the Action of foreign agents (germs). Utter the word “DEFENSE” to a literature freak, and may be this world will drag him towards one of the famous writings of Shakespeare “Hamlet’ in which the protagonist protected himself from a tricky culprit father by using his so called common-sense, But when you will mention this word to a true patriot of this country, He won’t think of those white blood cells or those endless tales of Shakespeare rather he will think of a man donned in an ARMY uniform, half dark moons under his eyes sitting in sheer darkness on the borders of Pakistan filled  with courage, bravery, passion, devotion and sacrifice; who works for the defense of this country unceasingly and passionately.

Twenty one years back I was born in the month of September in a country known as Pakistan that appeared on the globe sixty eight years back. I myself haven’t faced any chaos, hostility, rivalry, turmoil or war, but while holding a history book of Pakistan in our hands and starting from 1947 till 2014 we not merely notice the struggles of Quaid.e.Azam, words of ALLAMA IQBAL hind- Muslim rivalries, separation of Bengal, rather we also stumble upon the great victories of this country that are undoubtedly a fruitful result of blood and sweat of our courageous soldiers. We find the magnificent bravery of Rashid Minhas, courage of Major Aziz Bhatti, dedication of Sher Khan which emerged as the symbol of mettle and courage during the Kargil conflict on the Line of Control. While examining the history of our country, how could we ever forget the WARS?  And when we take a glance over the wars, we find that one of the most prominent wars in the history of Pakistan is THE WAR OF 1965 when the Indian forces infringed into Pakistani border at night without the formal declaration of a war. Though that war came as a surprise and our army wasn’t aware of it at all, but instead of showing weakness to the enemy, our army surprised the world. Land forces fought really well, but the AIR FORCE also helped a lot in turning the tide of battle. Enemy created a clumsy path for us, but the strong bonding of our soldiers surprised the world with their prompt sensible acts.

War of 1965 is one story; apart from this our country has faced numbers of ups and downs. Even during the war of 1971 there was a heap of chaos in the country, loss of East Pakistan is something we’ll never forget and attacks from India added fuel to the fire, but our army remained hell-bent to gain victory. In a nutshell our soldiers stayed by us through every thick and thin. After examining the history of our country only one question pops in my mind and I always think that how can someone dedicate his life for the peace and security of someone else, and how can families bear the loss of their beloved ones? QURAN has beautifully portrayed the high positions of martyrs.

Allah has asserted that,

 Those who are killed in the cause of Allah: Do not call them dead.” In fact! They are living, though you cannot perceive that life.

Surah No. 3, Al Imraan, Ayat No. 157


And being a literature enthusiast how could I ever ignore the remarks of writers

While gracing the writings of WILLIAM MACKPEACE; a renowned writer of nineteenth century, I found his opinion about army men quite gloomy.

He asserted that,

“A lady who sets her heart upon a lad in uniform must prepare to change lovers pretty quickly, or her life will be but a sad one.”


Casting a glance over the present situation of our country, I must say the word “WAR” has boosted its meanings. We are involved in multiple wars. PAK-INDIA war and Kashmir issue are a mainstream issue now, apart from these top-notch hot topics, we are facing endless enmities. We are fighting a war against terror; our soldiers are protecting us from the ones who are considering themselves as the custodians of ISLAM. They are devoting themselves for the sake of peace. They are working critically from dawn to dusk in order to eradicate the germs of crime. We are facing the calamities among the different existing sects. We are busy in eradication the turmoil from the world, as it is evident from the United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in which Pakistani troops are largest in number, and we can proudly say that

“Our soldiers are our pride and symbol of smugness”

Defense of a country isn’t merely confined to the duties of our soldiers rather, being a part of this country, we all have to be cautious about the safety of the country. Think for yourselves and think for Pakistan and before casting slur upon your own nation, ask yourselves: Is negativity is the only thing you want to splurge on?


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  • Anoosha

    loved it …(y)

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    Brought a little change of thought about the subject of Pakistan studies 😉
    Love Pak Army !