Tribute To Men On Guard

Honestly, I believed that Defense day was a celebration of Pakistan winning an armed battle against India. Knowing this was such a happy place for me. I am sure most of us believed this because we were only taught about 6th September in school and Pakistan Studies seemed so boring that none of us wanted to actually find out what happened prior, during or after the war. Neither did I and so the bubble bursted when I did actually surf through the internet.

I will never understand the so called allies of Pakistan who often disappear when it’s time to show moral support.

While I was browsing information to write on Defense day report, it struck me, that every time I opened a source page, there was never a general or unbiased statement on Indo-Pak war of 1965. India and its allies who shared a mutual point of view while Pakistan had had its own . I will never understand the so called allies of Pakistan who often disappear when it’s time to show moral support. If I go into the military version of the story it would probably get boring and in-comprehensive with all the statistical analysis and strategical scenarios. So i will try to be precise and unbiased so that the readers decide which of the two countries’ act seemed more noble?

The issue of Kashmir has always been an aggression factor between the two countries. The simplest solution was to hold an unrigged referendum so that the people of the state could decide for themselves since democracy is the order of the day. But apparently Pakistan had more chances of winning it; hence the idea was not approved. I asked my friend why we never took the matter to International Court of Justice, as we had all the evidences to convict India but he just said that if they were capable of being just, we would have reached to some conclusion on Palestinian issue.

To sum up the significance of Defense day in just a few words; Pakistan was able to defend an unethical and an unanticipated attack on its land. The best part is that after two weeks of battling, India went to UN for ceasefire. Incidentally, Pakistan’s defense forces were misjudged. We might not have the best political status or infrastructure but our pride and our strength is seen in the well integrated troops and men on borders and line of control. As seen at the back of a car;

“Pakistan Army never sleeps”

This was almost thirty five years ago and with time it is a natural phenomenon that celebrations fade because the ones who saw it all happening aren’t the same anymore. Some of them die and the young enthusiasts then, turn into old story tellers now. People who evidently saw the Independence happening, with masses migrating from one country to another, cherished Pakistan’s existence more than the spoon feds born in a Free State. Any threat to the baby country was a nightmare to them like the night of 6th September. Some of them who lived till this day have shared the most heart wrenching memoirs. Most of us can’t understand the implication of celebrating Defense day genuinely except those few people true who had been involved either as civilians or armed men.

More than 50,000 people were killed, our economy suffered a loss of nearly 67.9 billion dollars

We all know that for more than a decade, Pakistan has been posed by the threat of terrorism. More than 50,000 people were killed, our economy suffered a loss of nearly 67.9 billion dollars and most importantly, Pakistan lost its esteem. People lost the confidence of calling themselves proud Pakistani because it became synonymous to Terrorists. The airports of different countries employed exclusive thwarting ways to check People with Pakistani passport. Any terrorist attack that was made had something to do with Pakistan even if it didn’t. The media portrayed this land under some kind of war and my own relatives living abroad stopped visiting because of security issues. The conditions worsened until the recent past when the army took things in their hands and initiated Operation Zarb-e- Azab. This year the army deserves a special tribute on defense day for taking care of us once more. That was an overnight attack and this was a decade of continuous erosion. Anything that puts the sovereignty of this country at threat with something as low as suicide bombing, aren’t really worth a fight using our brave and esteemed men but then they are the only people who have brought this country so far into present.

While having a conversation with my friend who is in air force about redefining the celebrations, as military activities are more evident this year, tears ran down my eyes when I asked what would be the best way to pay tribute to forces by civilians from his point of view;

‘’Just a text or a call for me or my parents, to appreciate what we do’’

You see, it’s not easy for parents to send them to a strict military school at a very young age when most of us are still carefree about life. Just a few words, that’s all they ask for.

I think, instead of giving a holiday in schools and colleges on defense day, we should call students, make them write a letter to whoever they choose (army men/ their parents) arrange a field trip to a cadet college or military academy and make them give the letters themselves. I cannot emphasize enough on the magnitude of happiness and encouragement it will incur in both the sides. Make a goody bag for men on duty and get it delivered to them. It’s a constructive activity and really worth making defense day a complete celebration.

Long Live Brave Men of Pure Land

Long Live Brave Men of Pure Land

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