The Blackout Crisis

Waking up at three in the morning to fight off the miniscule Draculas is one of the many flustering things which we, Pakistanis, experience. As if the sweltering heat was not enough, the electricity monster, or as most of us know it, load shedding, has turned our live upside down.

Pakistan, being a third world country, in encircled in rising fire of multitudinous problems; power crisis being the most profound one. The supply is around forty percent deficit of demand. To make it worse, no proper strategy or manifesto has been devised yet so as to abet it.

Load shedding has always been an issue. It became central just recently because now it is also affecting upper and middle class as well. This power crisis has made thousands go homeless. Industries are as good as dead and the workers are unable to earn living wages, dying of hunger. With average of twelve to twenty hours period of blackouts per day, students spend most of their days dosing off. Those who are resolute enough to pursue knowledge, stay awake hoping against hope for miracle of electricity.

Uninterrupted Power Supply, aka UPS, does not qualify for its name anymore, since it also breathes out its last electric breaths in a fraction of an hour. Meeting are scheduled and rescheduled around the load shedding hours. Even a toddler is deprived of sound sleep because of fans and air conditioners going idle every hour or so.

Hospitals have suffered the worst blow. Scorching heat accompanied by incessant power cut offs makes already agitated patients go berserk.  And truth be told, doctors and paramedics are not bright and peachy in these given conditions either.

   Masses have been ranting and wailing out to heavens, going on shutter-down strikes, raising slogans, pleading and begging, shamefully burning public property. Some even burnt down a whole ruddy train. But unfortunately the authorities have turned a deaf ear to this entire situation. To top it all, most of the administrative officials have made valedictory address to any shred of hope which was left.

   All in all, we are entering the era of blackouts, of arrows and axes, of carriages, of lanterns and candles, the era of ‘Stone Age’. While every other nation around the world in taking forward strides toward progress and development, we, the Pakistanis, are pacing backwards. This abject quality of life and mortal peril is forcing our people to make an escape to the West, to serve those who ruled us for over a century. Not to mention the fact that they eye us as filthy terrorists.

Pakistan, after its nuclear tests, emerged on face of earth as a force to reckon with. But very unfortunately, all these issues have abashed it and made us a laughing stock for the world. This power crisis is just one thread from the meshwork of dilemmas which Pakistan is facing at this moment. Others being terrorism, lack of occupational capacity, low standard of education, accumulation of wealth in a few hands, pathetic law and order situation are just to name a few which are decimating us with every passing day.

But even in these darkest hours, some of us still love this country with our heart and soul. We bleed green and white; we hail from crescent and star. We know it is possible to love the country and abhor its rulers simultaneously. We start to hop mad when we hear national of any other country speaking ill of our homeland. Our love for this country is irrational but unconditional. And I believe that someday, we will emerge again as a nation which will be envied and looked upon by others with awe. With all the hurt and pain that we endure, we are strong enough to hold our ground and put up a fight, instead of fleeing away like a lamb. We are Pakistanis from every atom of our being.

Article Contributed by Fakeha Naeem

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