To Those Who Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow

Our country is currently undergoing a great trial. Many citizens of this great country have assembled in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to protest against the corruption that has plagued its administrative institutions since, probably, its inception. Corruption is only one of the multitude of problems – inflation, crime, a general shortage of resources and domestic terrorism – that we as a nation have to face almost on a daily basis. One problem that we remain relatively unaffected by, is that of the external threats to the peace and prosperity of this nation.
We all know that we don’t have the best of relations with our neighbors (except for China maybe). India’s army is involved in skirmishes with the Pakistani army on the eastern border of the country multiple times a year. If it’s the Indian army on the East then we have a seemingly unending stream of invading terrorists from Afghanistan on the west.
Why do so many others and I think that we are not affected by the aforementioned external threats as much as we are by events that are internal to the setup of the nation? It’s not entirely because most of us live far away from the borders since I happen to know people who live close to the borders and still feel the same way.

We possess a sense of security and safety when it comes to the above mentioned external threats and in my opinion it’s simply due to the unwavering efforts of this country’s defense forces. It’s because of them that we have the freedom to worry about the other major problems plaguing the country. It’s because of them that we have the ability to call ourselves one of the fiercest and bravest nations in the world. It’s because of them that the nation has survived to this day and that we have a piece of land to call.

Today, besides external security, the defense forces of the country are offering many services to the country’s citizens. The army has been responsible for developing basic infrastructure facilities in many cities across the country. The army has also been called upon many times to provide internal security against sectarian violence and domestic terrorism and to provide relief in case of disasters (earthquakes, floods etc.). The air force is reportedly in charge of protecting the country’s nuclear arsenal at the moment and has also played a large part in the growth of the aerospace and avionics industry within the country. The country’s navy has kept a low profile in comparison to the army and the air force. It has, however, made praise-worthy contributions to the development and security of the country’s major sea ports. The defense forces are also in charge of operating some of the best hospitals in the country that provide medical care to millions of civilians as well.

With so many contributions to the development of this great nation, it still amazes me how a large number of people in the country still do not think highly of our defense forces. I, for one, am not one of those people, I would like to say a prayer for the men and women of the defense forces who have, over the years, sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. I would also like to thank the men and women, who are serving as part of the defense forces today, for making me and so many others feel safe and secure against the monsters that lurk on the periphery of this great land. THANK YOU.



Undoubtedly, the Pakistani army is a force to be reckoned with and the world acknowledges it. Pakistani Cadet Shaheer Ullah Khan is seen receiving the overseas award at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Britain, in early August.



Post by: Waleed Liaqat

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