Redefining the term Pakistani !

We, (Pakistanis), of course including me, are stubborn. We have a mentality, a mind-set that is always concerned with pointing out of flaws in others. Deep down, what we do, how wrong we are, no matter how much guilty we are, we don’t bother seeing  it, rather we over-look it consciously.

We all want to bring a change. By writing, by telling others what to do and what not to do, by conducting seminars, ATP-wordle-side-04talk-shows, and God- knows what. What my concern is that who am I when I sit alone? When I am not a showing off in public how much concerned I am about bringing a change? Am I the same person? Or I am just another Pakistani with the corrupt mind-set that, I am going to change everyone save for my Own-Perfect-Self. Our biggest flaw is that we are not true to our-selves. What we need to understand that the only reform we can bring is in ourselves. Trust  me, no one has to shout out loud how good they are. Because a person who is good in real essence, STANDS OUT. No Matter What!

For instance, we sit back, criticize a public figure, do we ever realize that, had we been in power or had we been in the position that the very person is, what would we do? Ask your deep-inner self, if at all it says that ‘NO” you would be fair in every policy, then my dear you have all the rights to criticize. However let us all be honest, we all have flaws, which we fail to accept. We fail to accept that we are as corrupt as that public figure, however just at our own level. Just that our corruptness is not highlighted on media. I am not at all in support of all such public figures in any way, but no harm making an analogy, is there any? I believe we all know exactly how “Great” we are.

We need to realize that we have to step out of the typical 19th century sub-continent mentality, characterized by double standards, jealousy, lying, and betrayal. Let’s be above all this. Lets appreciate what’s good.  Let us for once stand up and do something, play our part. Until and unless we feel the urge to change ourselves, never, ever , can we bring a reform. No one is born perfect. No one is born a leader. It’s the very inner-self of a person which leads you to such a level. I would really want you all to read the personal biographies of great leaders, not their achievements but about their common man life, simpler as it can get, read Prophet’s personal biography. If you feel its not enough a gesture to greet someone with a smiling face you are wrong. If you believe that it does not matter if you show affection to your mother when you get back home after work you are wrong. Great-ness not just lies in the fact that you have to your name some big achievement. Great-ness as a human being starts from a meager level. From talking politely to your wife to taking you grandmother for weekly medical check-up. From spreading a smile on face of a child to listening to your dad’s harsh words patiently. It’s these mere acts that makes u a better person, inculcates in you a sense of right and wrong, which one day will lead to a society everyone wishes to see.

So as easy as it may sound, let’s simply start off from our own homes. Be honest, be truthful to everyone. Let’s be a better person. For once think above all grudges,corruptness and hateful thoughts and start counting the acts of kindness that you do. It will be a matter of days we turn our society into a better place. Because you don’t know, how your one simple act of kindness may turn hundred hearts. !

Let us Re-define the term ‘PAKISTANI”  !!!

Stay Blessed all 🙂 !


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  • fatima shah

    no doubt before changing the whole nation we first need to change our selves
    as charity always begins at home 🙂