Father of the Nation; Quaid-e-Azam

“Quaid.e.Azam”; History says, that He was leader with true leadership qualities. He perceived, he thought, he planned, he struggled and he achieved, but that achievement wasn’t a trivial one, his thoughts weren’t dangling in the air, his plans were not controversies, his struggles weren’t fruitless. His ideas weren’t insubstantial rather they were concrete. His name is patterned in the mind of every Pakistani; his efforts are highlighted by the historians.

Quaid’s achievements are remarkable to just an extent that we find His photo engraved on the surface of every coin and we find his golden words written on the walls.

According to a historian he is the founder of a country, but to a Pakistani he isn’t merely a founding father of this country rather he is a role model, a MAN with high consistency, a MAN holding concrete ideas, a MAN who focused to achieve a remarkable victory in the form of this country, and most importantly he was “A MAN OF VISION”. A man who perceived a gloomy future of Indian Muslims, and his conscience provoked him to work for them and ultimately he was successful in separating them from those who were secretly designing a death route for them.
By taking a glance over his life history, we get to know about his endless achievements, and some questions related to his achievements also pop in our minds. At the top-notch level, one question that strikes our minds is that, did he create a scenario that ultimately brought this country into existence? Or, He merely molded the situations through his sharpness according to His will and demands? In both cases one really needs a sheer vision and consistency, and that man was undoubtedly keeping both, and He was truly filled with enthusiasm. He was the one who spent his half of life in abroad, and at times his personality  had a reflection of western culture also, and religious scholars kept on criticizing him by calling him a “secular”. But they should have kept one thing in mind before criticizing him that though he was embedded in western culture, but still his top priority was religion. All he wanted was a piece of land in which Muslims could practice their religion freely.

He took an advantage of that modern education because by spending time in the country of British he was quite sure about the tricky nature of western people that’s why he stayed away from them in INDIA. He faced hardships, obstacles, failures, hitches and hurdles, but still he didn’t lose hope.

In a nutshell his whole life is an inspiration for us. Though we still quote enthusiastic words uttered by him, but unluckily we are moving away from those aims and objectives for which we achieved this country. We are embedded in personal animosities and rivalries; we are castings slur upon our own leaders. We ought to eradicate the chaos. We ought to think for Pakistan, we ought to think for this green flag and, if we truly idealize Quiad.e.Azam even his golden words can bring change in our thoughts:


Don’t go for all three words, just take a glimpse of the word “UNITY” first, and you will find that we are completely deprived of unity nowadays, maybe now again we need a Quaid or at least a visionary leader like Quaid-e-azam, but nothing can hold a candle to the act of finding a Quaid within ourselves..


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