Preemminence of Defense Day

The supremacy of nations, their ever-lasting impact on the outer world, historical accomplishments and their strong faith in patriotism are just the reflections of the valor and sacrifices that nations put forward in every field and their armies in particular. It’s a well-established fact and a historical perspective that only those nations stand apart which have faced the wrath of time and shown bravery in the field of battle when required, for nations get such inspirations from these events that yield the best out of them for years to come.
Glancing at the history of our country; Pakistan, we find it filled with tales and occurrences of countless sacrifices and boundless heroism; from the day of independence to recent operations in North Waziristan, our people have displayed great patriotism but like a silver lining in sky there lies a junction in our history which will be reminisced for centuries to come. In September 1965, due to unavoidable circumstances Pakistan and India waged war at each other. Ground, air and naval forces of the two countries collided with full force resulting in heavy losses on both sides.

The operational area of war, spread from the northern front of Kashmir to southern plains near Multan. May it be the ‘Great Tank Battle’ at ‘Chawinda‘or the courageous work of ‘M.M.Alam’, all are the tales of great heroism during that period.

Gen. Ayub Khan, who was the president of Pakistan assured the whole nation to have strong faith in their abilities.
War was vigorous, it continued for days but as The Australian Times rightfully acclaimed on the front cover of its daily edition as “PAKISTANI WIN”, the whole nation was relieved and the sensational win was celebrated by everyone as a gift of God. To mark this great achievement, the government of Pakistan announced to celebrate ‘DEFENSE DAY’ on 6th sept every year.
‘Defense Day’ not only signifies the great tribute of the nation to our heroes, but it also acts as a symbol of determination, as a shield of our unity and direction of our path to success, which was laid by the martyrs.

Defense day is the reminder of that very dream of martyrs, who gave it all for this country; respectful and glorious place in comity of nations.

Defense Day celebrated every year is the revival of national integrity that comes at risk due to manipulative mindset of some that intend to weaken the national setup. These forces, always tend to destabilize the mighty pillars of nationalism. To tackle such atrocitic approaches, defense day serves as a useful technique to arise sense of proudness, patriotism and nationalism.
For the last 67 years, this nation has strived a lot, they have struggled against injustice, ignorance, lawlessness, and many other brutalities. To serve as a reminder of all that struggle, it’s necessary for every citizen of this great country to feel by heart, the dedication put forward, the sacrifices that weren’t useless and the valor that we are proud of.
Where do we stand now? Are we on the right track? Or all those sacrifices of our people going in vein. The thing is that no path is too straight, we all have to face the reality, instead of waving around in this illusionary world of ours. We have to look in the exact direction and take risks at appropriate times. At this moment in history, we have to change our juvenility and change the level of priorities, because Pakistan should come first; before ourselves, our homes and our families. Only then we can truly rise to an esteemed level.


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