Pakistan Mourns…

What happens when a regular person sitting at home switches on T.V in morning?
He/she comes to know that there is not a moment of certainty for a Pakistani.
There are four scenarios we are well-acquainted with on Pakistan’s media
1. Talk shows with political bantering.
2. Demonstration and processions with political bantering.
3. Dramas with women crying

Lately the fourth scenario i.e terrorist attack, is in the process of being controlled by Pakistan Army through operation Zarb-e-Azab. But then catastrophe struck, marking a sad end to the year 2014 for Pakistan. Army Public School, Peshawar became a militant battle ground. But wait.

Battles are raged against those who are armed. They were just children. Six gunmen wearing suicide vests entered the school and gunned down 135 children as reported so far out of 200 victims. Some are still held hostages and many more are missing. This was a children massacre at mass. I switched off the T.V. It was getting unbearable.

I couldn’t help knowing the stories of the survivors so i started reading about it online. The ones who survived and returned to their conscious state reported that they played dead to escape the claws of these coward scavengers.

School is the time, people crave to go back to. I know I do. I miss everything about it. But these survivors are among those who wouldn’t look back to this memory. Ever. Its filled with screaming classmates and open gunshots. Although they returned alive, a big chunk of them is probably dead within.

A student who was martyred today in APS attack Peshawar. Look at the message he had as his cover. RIP

A student who was martyred today in APS attack Peshawar. Look at the message he had in his cover photo. RIP

You know why terrorists are always reported to be around 18 years old or younger? Because if they were mature and had children of their own, they would not be ready to blow themselves up in a school. The fear of devastation of their own children and family would have held them back.
Heartiest condolence to the families of the victimized. If only our grief could bring back the lost ones. If only it had such a strong impact that future generation could be saved. Today we mourn. Tomorrow things will be back to normal for politicians, for people sitting in front of their t.v sets, for anybody who wasn’t directly affected. Or everything would change… Maybe. If only we had caught these brutes alive and publicly executed them to warn those who were behind this. All these children have left us with, is the wish for ‘If only’ we could have saved them.

Terrorist don't have a religion. And they are certainly not Muslims.

Terrorist don’t have a religion. And they are certainly not Muslims.

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