Pakistan – Your Time is Here

The time has arrived, the days of tribulations are over, and the darkest part of night is outweighed by the glory of the rising sun; better late than never, because we have suffered enough. The land of pure; the land our forefathers had to fight for & give away countless sacrifices in doing so , was over run ( for 68 years) by ignorance, injustice, intolerance & hatred. But, the past has left us, for now time has come not only to change ourselves, but to change the world we live in.

‘Change’; an enormous word as it seem but viewing the complexity of present national scenario, there is yet another dimension to all this prospective problem, the change in attitude of our approach and our tactics to view a problem all have resulted into some what, a phenomenon that if given importance will nullify the basic complications existing in our society & the chain of reactions that will spring up after such multi-dimensional methodology will further develop our capabilities as a nation.

 In my view, when history turns into your favor, notions form on a level that once was certainly not thought of, when people wake up from long lasted virtual drowsiness & an unavoidable change lies in front of us than at that point there come some responsibilities on our part. We as a nation must decide the kind of transformation we want, we have to give direction to this silent movement, we have to decide; if we want this movement to yield something, if we want to have a greater impact of all this in our lives, in our cities, in our country as a whole then, we must not relate this change with anything negative and in my view, any sort of change is not the sole effort of any single person.

We have seen in past, behind every successful nation, there are years and years of struggle and hardships, no doubt, big and fabulous names glow in the book of history, but those names are remembered because of their efforts and a league of men that struggled with them, but weren’t reminisced.

What we have to do is to wipe away the individual centered approach and look in a broader perspective giving due status to all those who deserved. This approach of ours, will not only open new and previously unexplored horizons for us but it’s result would in a long term, have an everlasting effect on us as a society.

Allama Iqbal’s dream, Quaid’s hard work, and countless sacrifices must be kept in mind. It’s time; not for a steady walk but to run on this path, towards glory, towards success, and towards a better Pakistan. What the world achieved in a struggle of hundred years or so, we have to achieve the same in minimum time not because we are in some sort of a hurry but because we have the ability to do so.
Technology, wealth, transport; by all means these are important but what we lack at the moment is far more crucial, for it is the backbone of every developed nation.
Moral values; the strength of any society, unfortunately, is the falling pillar in our case. Before his death in 1948, Quaid-e-Azam repeatedly stressed on UNITY, FAITH, and DISCIPLINE. These three attributes, if combined together form what we refer to as social or moral values. If today in this hour, we abide by the advice of Quaid, we don’t need any world bank or IMF to support us because it’s our attitude that has blighted in last few years. Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”.

Pakistan; our country, our love. Pakistan has given us so much that without her we would have been like homeless stray cattle. This freedom, this air, everything and still we keep asking for more! We have to ask ourselves that what have given to Pakistan? We have to realize that Pakistan is not because of us but we are because of Pakistan. Without this tag of ‘PAKISTANI’, we would have no identity in this world. Let us take this moment to thank Allah for everything HE has bestowed us with and realize that time has arrived to move higher than mountains and fly like eagles in the sky of success. Time has arrived….

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