Just Rants

I started this article off as “Rants of a Medical Student” but then I’d still be ranting even if I were studying Art and Craft (which I kind of want to) so “Just Rants” it is!

Oh and by the way I have exams coming up and the fact that I’m still writing this shows how dedicated the bloggers at Heal Pakistan truly are and not that the editors threatened to let us off the hook if we didn’t come up with anything soon =P

So back to rants.

Rant# 1 What am I doing with my life?!

No seriously. We’ve all had that question stuck in our mind since high school. For the lucky ones, their future paths are already clear and they know exactly what they want to achieve. However for us “cool” and confused one’s the path isn’t that clear. In fact it’s rugged, muddy and torn with pit holes! We start with one thing and quickly move on to another one. I guess we’re just bored.

Rant# 2 Exams! Why you no get hit by a train and die?!!

We want straight A’s and we want them now but we don’t want to study. I mean, really, study? Us? Nice joke. All those years in school everyone was like “just get into college and then you can do whatever you want.” I think what they really meant was “just get into college, go through hell and then you can do whatever you want.”

Here’s one I came across:

“That moment of your pathetic medicine life when, even after your every effort, the day before stupid send up exam you Just GIVE UP┬áSince no matter what, there is no freaking way to complete Anatomy !!”

Rant# 3 Weight Gain!

For us chocoholics, unwilling to exercise or go on a diet….enough said.

Rant# 4 Nobody understands me :'(

For all those lost souls out there, craving for attention and real friends who will stay with them through all thick and thin….don’t do drugs and you’ll be fine.

Rant# 5 Bale for Batman! Down with Ben Affleck!


So in the end life is unfair, exams are still there, Bale is hot and fat is not. Cheers!


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