Let’s just sit back and think about ourselves for a while. We’re all unique personalities and special in our own way. We contribute to this society with our good and bad demeanors. We spend our lives doing whatever gets us going because that is just how we function. We see, we feel, we hear, we touch the world around us.

So what was it that made us who we are? That gets us through the day and stimulates our senses?

I, for one, would like to believe its inspiration.

Inspiration being the act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions.

Think about it! We’ve experienced so much in our lives. We’ve met different people, we’ve seen different people. We’ve been to places. We’ve had our moments both good and bad ones. The accumulative result of all these wonderful things happening around us have actually inspired a personality to develop-that is us! Our surroundings have influenced our being and provide us with inspiration in every walk of our lives.

Every individual has his own inspiration. For some it’s a person. One’s parents, teachers, friends or famous personalities. While others have themselves to serve as role models with all the exposure they’ve received of the world and its dwellings. It’s how we take in to something we feel so close, is what shapes the way we lead our lives.

Here a chain reaction starts. What inspires us makes us who we are and we ourselves serve as an inspiration for those around us. We in turn influence their lives and on it goes. One being inspires another.

Now I’ll let you ponder as to whether you’re a good inspiration or a bad one. I suppose this one little statement might inspire a sense of responsibility among us because one way or another we’re all role models and it’ll be a great help if we conduct ourselves with this in mind.


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