I am an American and I am not a terrorist

­20th July 2012 Colorado, USA when the Dark Knight ‘Rose’


Before making my point, let’s just have a look at how major news channels are covering this story:


CNN: “A heavily armed gunman attacked audience at Aurora, Colorado, Movie Theater early Friday”



BLOOMBERG: “A man opened fire with a shotgun at an Aurora, Colorado theater showing the new Batman movie and then switched to other weapons, killing 12 people and wounding 58, police said.”



BBC: “Twelve people were killed and 58 injured when a gunman opened fire at a Batman film screening in Aurora, Colorado last week. James Holmes, 24, has appeared in court accused of carrying out the attack.”


GUARDIAN.CO.UK “Twelve people are dead and up to 50 injured in a Denver suburb after a masked  gunman opened fire at a late-night screening of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.”


You must have noticed that no news channel used the word ‘Terrorist’ or ‘Terrorism’. It is indeed a very sad story but I was expecting such terms to be used by the international media but I didn’t see them using those terms. So I was just wondering, what is the meaning of ‘terrorist’ then. I thought it meant someone who creates terror in people by committing an act of terrorism physically or by threatening to do such an act so what did that person do? Killed 12 innocent people and injured at least 58 with the youngest fatality being a 6 year old girl making it one of the worst killing in US history.


I don’t see any reason why this inhumane act shouldn’t be called “an act of Terrorism” What was it then? I ask all the major news agencies who forgot to mention this.


Ah! I think we all know the answer, the person didn’t have beard, right? He didn’t have a muslim name! right? He is an American white male! Right? He wasn’t born in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran! Right?


So that’s why you can’t call him a terrorist? He just killed 12 people with a gun that he had bought legally from the store.


Is the world so blind or just so stupid or the audience are just so unaware and childish! In all major news they used the words like ‘Gunman’ ‘Suspect’ and even just ‘Man’.


I thought Americans knew English well. ‘Suspect’ is the word they used and according to most dictionaries or I would say all English dictionaries it means: ‘believe to be guilty’ ‘to doubt or mistrust’ ‘to have suspicion’ etc. Now that the whole world knows that James Holmes is the person who killed all those people and was caught by people right after the incident and has made his appearance in the court also but still they call him ‘SUSPECT’.


Just think! Only if he had a muslim name, they would have called him a terrorist straightaway. I think the definition of ‘terrorist’ is being deliberately changed now and is attached with only those people who look like or act like a muslim, have a muslim name and commit or try to commit any crime like that even though we are tired of telling the world that Islam has no place for any kind of cruel activity and Islam clearly and specifically says that killing of one innocent person means killing of whole humanity so the world needs to be a bit more FAIR ,JUST and REAL. People need to open their eyes now and be supportive to those who are right and condemn everyone who is unjust and who is trying to mislead people by developing feelings of hatred among them for other groups or religions.


Here the world needs to understand one thing clearly that if a person does a bad thing or commits a crime, it does not mean he represents the whole group, religion, country etc. Bad people are just bad and their acts are their personal acts only.


I as a human, Muslim and Pakistani express my deepest condolences over this brutal incident held in this holy month of Ramadan because for us it doesn’t matter who becomes the victim of cruelty, we feel for every human being deeply from our hearts disregard to their race, colour or religion.


Our deepest condolences are with the families of all those victims.


Peace please!

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  • Neman Ashraf

    An amazing article indeed, Aqib. I mean this explain every Pakistani’s intentions. Thankyou for speaking up. Couldn’t agree more. Keep it up