Those Green Sweaters…

I too wore those green sweaters with yellow lining once. Every morning was a hustle – the niggling race against time to catch the bus. As soon as the chacha rang the assembly bell, we all use to linearly arrange ourselves for the assembly and sang the national anthem at the top of our lungs. Keeping those ‘Bata’ shoes shiny and lustered till the end of assembly was another mighty struggle of our lives. As soon as the first class started, the wait for the recess began. The geography class never seemed to end, while the games period used to just quickly slip away. The silence of the library was lingering while the shouts in the Khokha were never enough. Ahhh! How convenient was my time, how trivial were my issues! Never once did I fight the terror of gunshots, never once did I not survive.

Now let me share the tale of some different faces in those same green sweaters with yellow lining. They too left home today in the usual hustle of race against time. Bata shoes still were sparkly clean and the national anthem was still sung from the top of the lungs. But then the script changed and some coward men with big guns decided to fight these small warriors armed with bite marked pencils.

The gunshots were way louder than the Khokha frenzy, whereas the lingering silence of the library was nothing compared to the haunting stillness while being crouched in horror underneath the rusty table. Time never froze like this in geography class while the blood of the wounded friend was oozing out faster than the ticking clock of games period.

With only one stain of ink, I was moved out of assembly line; while they were drenched with buckets of blood, and nobody moved them away from line of fire.

Today they went to school and saw another day.  Today they faced the radicals and stood stern against the terror. But today they didn’t survive. Ahh! How convenient was my time, how trivial were my issues!

Dear gallant friends of today, we are proud of you! You will forever survive in the hustle of our mornings and in struggles of our days. I promise you one thing that in those green sweaters with yellow lining, we will rise and shine… Again! For you and for the pride of the anthem you sang today!



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