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On one of the most sophisticated aftaar parties this Ramzan, I got to hear this statement from one of my close family members, “Pakistan bana kar Quaid ney sirf Fasaad hi phailaya”
Not new to my ears, not new for my mind to process! Yet as painful as it was, when I heard it for the first time.
Words were different, but were said with the same antithetic, rude and selfish tone. “Pakistan Quaid ney sirf apney mafaad ki khaatir banaya tha”
Too much for me to digest, too harsh for me to tolerate & too complicated for me to process.
Ironic it is, for us to say this.

My graceful, honorable and inspirational image of Quaid-e-Azam breaks, its left shattered.

I think, re-think, re-re-think…
I decided to read more about Quaid, about life in sub-continent, about two nation theory and about everything that can make me see the real picture.
Even books like ‘Jinnah of Pakistan’ wouldn’t do enough justice to the young generation who does not know of him or the idea behind his efforts.
And I am left with one option alone, lets try gathering the first hand knowledge!
Yes, talk to my grandparents, question about the theme of Independence, the basic idea of separation and two nation theory.. what it was like to live together with them, share everything
with Hindus and Sikhs.

They are those whose hearts beat for Pakistan, whose eyes have seen Pakistan come into being

What difficulties they had to overcome during migration and what was the Jazba behind all this?
and after having talked to them, I have to say this with teary eyes and a broken heart that we can’t even TRY to empathize what they have gone through…
we can’t even try to THINK how they have suffered, we can’t even summon up all our courage and bring that Jazba in our dead hearts now!
They are those whose hearts beat for Pakistan, whose eyes have seen Pakistan come into being, whose throats were soar after shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ for hours, days and months…

It was not some selfish need that gathered all Muslims together, it was vision for a better tomorrow, love for a piece of land that they would own, honor for their mosques which they would fearlessly visit and above all, the feeling of not being ruled and be an independent, sovereign free nation!
Freedom, that we can’t even sense now..
This led them go through all the countless sufferings of history…
This gave them the courage to throw their loved ones’ dead bodies in Rivers and Wells,
this made their women jump into wells, instead of being a source of pleasure to Hindus,
this made them walk on pointed, sharpened edged wires, stones, and broken pieces of Mirrors..
this made them hide themselves under the dead bodies of their loved ones..
lying on our soft, warm beds, we cant imagine what it is to bleed from feet and to keep walking,
to not sleep for days and see your mother dying next to you, because of the acidic water she drank from the well…
Men, women, children, all suffered the same way…

History has it, this was a mark that made the world clear how fearless a Muslim can be when he says out loud La’ilaha illalah!

They walked through rivers and via blood flooded trains… and when they arrived, they were homeless, without a penny and with not many family members or friends by their sides..
Still they knew one another, smelled love in each others blood, saw sympathies in each others teary eyes…
They owned one another!
They had all risked their lives to be able to get here, to be able to touch the sand and say La’ilaha illahah!
World was reminded that Muslims can never be weak, they are impeccable, matchless and iron men when they have this one thing common – Islam!
Yes, there have been many demarcations on the map of world earlier than this, and after this as well, but they have never been because of this one thing – RELIGION!
Nobody ever rose up in the name of Allah!
We have all read the history of separation, the sufferings of migration.
But this idea of gaining first hand knowledge, proved out to be the best!
I could clearly differentiate between propaganda and actual news.
I read more, I learnt more, I imagined much more… & I dreamt of the creation of Pakistan!
Know something, I actually want to go back in time and see how they managed to live with that jazba, to die for that jazba and to carve out a complete separate country on the Global Map!
I want to go back in time, to listen to the creaks of Jinnah’s chair, sound of slurping hot water for tea and flutter of the pages of books he read!
I want to go back in time, when sweat and blood was mixed in sand and hearts were raw for the love of this country!
And when leaders like Jinnah rose against tyranny and patriots like Pakistanis stood up for his vision!

Why wouldn’t Pakistan run in every Pakistanis blood!
I have all my answers today..
And I am proud to be a Pakistani!

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