Flickering Hope

They said our present is gloomy, our future will be dark

I     stayed     positive,     pessimism     had     no     mark

Their   facts  were  strong,  my  arguments  were  weak

I         fancied        utopia,       reality        was         bleak

Politics    is    manipulative,    democracy    is    a    trick

Callousness for people’s feelings makes my spirit prick

Powerless we  are,  our  fate  is  at  their disposal

Dynastic politics meets no resistance, no refusal

Tuning  into  a  news  channels  always  brings  a  bad  news

“Pakistan won today’s match” is the only moment of amuse

Scattered corpses around, killing has become a daily affair

Bloodshed on roads isn’t my concern, I don’t even care

The  pain  cannot  be  experienced  until one’s beloved die

“Oh,  my  heart  moves   for   humanity”   is   just   a   lie

People are not honored, but killed in the name of honor

A  pull  of  trigger  is  all   it   takes   to   cause   a   tremor

Lawlessness prevails as people dislike to abide by mere traffic laws

Ironically, they are the ones who reprimand the system’s flaws

Burning with acid and abuse. Heinous incidents of domestic violence

Feudal  lords  torture  indigent  peasants ,  exhibit  intolerance

Bombings    in    mosques    and    bustling    streets

Amputated limbs, blood streams and echoing shrieks

Chaotic  minds,  misguided  souls  and  hungry  bodies

Knitted in vacuum of unfulfillment ends up in turbulence

A    new    wave  of   slaying   has   reached   this   town

It has left us with apprehended minds and deepened frown

Now,  difference  of  beliefs  is  enough  to  get  killed

Causing dozens of casualties, militants are skilled

Genocide of Hazara is brutal; it can’t be justified  in  any  context

Being   a   Shiite, I  am   forced  to  speculate, I may be the next

A   light   of  hope  is   flickering   in    my    heart

It may blow out; I will rekindle it with a new start

We will stand strong again. My country will stay resilient against all odds

Roaring storms will be defeated, let prudence and unity be our swords

They say our present is gloomy, our future will be dark

My faith will remain firm, pessimism will have no mark



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  • Mariam

    The poem was really moving and I commend the author of bringing forth waves of emotions through her words.