Fearless Warriors of Pakistan Army

In the marketplace while I was busy shopping, all of a sudden I felt a brief freeze of time. It was my mind that started wondering about people and their joyous routines going on around. I could see a seemingly poor old lady sitting on the pavement outside trying to earn her bread and butter, but despite being so penurious, I observed a contently smile on her face. I saw an average broker with old smudged clothes trying to attract buyers, but he too had a strange sense of satisfaction on his face. A barefooted child with alluring colored eyes ran by me and while he passed, I caught a glimpse of happiness and relish on his cute face. Despite being under-privileged his eyes were unstoppably attracted to the colorful displays in the market. Not just this class of the society, I also momentarily observed people from the better classes with their pretentious outfits, shining automobiles and glamorous ornaments. They too were delighted and their expressions exhibited this great sense of contentment. I asked myself whether a nation surrounded by so many problems, facing so many threats and misery could contain such triumphant people? The reason behind this surely is the FREEDOM that we all enjoy, that our nation stands with proudly in this world, the FREEDOM for which our ancestors, our heroes sacrificed and gave up their lives for. These smiles and cherishes that we all nowadays take for granted are in actuality “most costly”. They have the cost no conceivable amount of money or wealth can cover.
We owe the very freedom and liberty we enjoy ourselves without any concern, to our ancestors, the self-sacrificial creed who took the oath to protect us and our country, our opinions and our culture from every threat even if they had to break up everything they held dear to them the most.

This great day of 6th September stands as a landmark of courage and sacrifice in the history of our great country. It is sad, but unfortunately a reality that most of us, especially the new generation has forgotten the endless sacrifices our ancestors made. We have rendered ourselves unable to feel the pain those mothers bore when they received a parade of their sons’ colleagues carrying their uniforms and their bodies in boxes, those fathers who had to bury their sons, those wives who got deprived of their matrimonial joys, those sons and daughters who lost their fathers.

6th September 1965, the day when our nation was challenged by our power greedy enemy, and fearless warriors of Pakistan Army, stood up to the occasion and deterred with full power. Even being at a loss in number and resources as compared to that of the enemy, the sons and daughters of our nation humiliated the oppressor with their courage and passion to defend the motherland. They not only preserved the future of our country, they left behind a great legacy. They showed us the way to deal when our nationhood was challenged. They taught our generations to put everything they love at risk and to go to any extent to avert the danger from our motherland.

Those God-loved men of steel and lead bodied women denied bowing down before oppression. Colonel Zahir Shah followed the legacy of those brave martyrs and left behind his little son whose courage and valor challenged even the strongest of our enemies.

This is WHO we are, this is WHAT makes us INVINCIBLE. We are not just inhabitants of a country, we are a NATION born and bred with love of freedom and liberty. We DIE, we SUFFER, we SACRIFICE, but we NEVER give up. From the martyrs of 6th September 1965 to the martyrs of 2014, our people have never refused to give the biggest sacrifice. DEATH doesn’t scare us and our passion to uphold the honors of our ancestors, defeats even the strongest an enemy could be.

Shaheed Atizaz Hassan (Sitara-e-Shujaat), a 15 year old is a part of that legacy who gave up his family, his youth and his dreams just so that many others can have their’s.

We, as a nation, have an urgency to realize our basis and our foundation. We need to value every small bit of satisfaction we have, every moment we relish and most importantly the GOAL and AMBITION for the achievement of which our country was conceived by our great ancestors. We need to HEAL PAKISTAN, bring our society together and tread in the best way we can on the path which leads our nation to glory and our country to prosperity. In commemoration of those great martyrs who gave up their lives for mine, I am quick to swear to myself and to my country that I will spread love, tolerance, honesty, public security, morality and altruism in our country.


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  • Talha

    nice one larkay

  • Shahrukh

    Good choice of words, nice prelude of Freedom and excellent connection to our Forces who we all are proud of.
    Well written article, “writer” keep it up
    – Dr. Shahrukh K Taseer