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6th of September every year is celebrated as the Defence Day in Pakistan. Like all other national days, this day also has a vital importance in the history of Pakistan. This day is dedicated to the forces defending Pakistan against all odds on the country’s borders and within. The history of this day dates back to the war between Pakistan and India in 1965 which took place on this day. Since then, Pakistani celebrate this day in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland in that war.

This article is dedicated to the armed forces working day and night for the independence and solidarity of Pakistan. A basic difference between Police and other security forces like Pakistan Army, Rangers, ISI and others is that of mutual respect. We see in our everyday life that there is tension between Police and common man. A common man tries to get away from the policemen and not to get involved with. The case is different when it comes to other security firms. Military, Rangers, Special Forces, they have respect in a common man’s life.

We see that even in the current situation of chaos in our country, every political party pointing at each other’s status and rules, when army is involved, no one questions their role or loyalty. The reason being the trust and respect for army. There are corrupt people everywhere who destroy the image of any organization or that particular class of people. Similarly, there are many good and honest ones too who make that class trustworthy. Politics has now become a game of money and power. Whoever gets the charge of the country, tries to make as much for themselves as they can within the allocated time period. There are a lot of examples and we all know that. All such events develop trust issues among a common man and one with the power. Mostly people don’t trust politicians and what they say. Army on the other hand id trusted with the security of the nation as well as all other aspects of life. According to a survey, Pakistanis trust army the most.

I have been inspired by Pakistan Army since I was a child. I always wanted to join army but due to certain reasons, I could not. I’m pursuing my degree from an army institute and the difference can be noticed as well as felt within from any other private or government institute. Other than the quality of education, the discipline and dedication speaks for itself.

Pakistan Army and all other armed forces of Pakistan are among the best ones in the world. There have been certain international competitions among the armies of world and Pakistan Army representatives have always performed up to the mark. In a competition held in United Kingdom, the cadets from Pakistan Army were awarded as the toughest ones for their abilities. Even in the national games and other competitions, Army’s players have always been the top guns.

ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), the intelligence agency of Pakistan is ranked number 1 in the world for the ranking issued for 2014. ISI has been playing a vital role in the solidarity of the nation. There have been statements about the agency on international level that the only reason of Pakistan still being on the world map is ISI. We are really proud of all the dedicated people who make us feel safe in the country to spend our lives peacefully.

The Defence Day should not only be for a holiday or just a picnic date as it has become for many, but a day to remind all those brave sons of nation and realize our own part in the solidarity of the nation.

The role varies as per the person and his abilities. It is not just limited to battle grounds, but every field of life. A student should play his part by working hard and preparing himself to work for the betterment of the country in some manner that he has the ability to. A teacher should groom his students to face the upcoming challenges in life effectively. An elected member of government should not misuse his power to grind his own axe, but to do his assigned task and solve the problems of people who chose him with a hope for betterment. Similarly, a nation strong in its industrial production and export to other countries is considered developed and with that tag, there comes betterment in every field. It is duty of every Pakistani to play his role and make the nation a leading Muslim country and earn a respectable position for our beloved homeland.

We, as a nation have been called the stupidest of all by some foreign leader. There are many valid reasons to say that and I personally don’t envy him to say so. The way media has been representing Pakistan for years, can very well do that to any nation. Besides, I would like to salute our defenders. Due to their reliability and confidence, we can be whatever we really are. Pakistan can be personified with a very stubborn child who learns everything by committing serious mistakes, sometimes causing trouble for himself too. When he matures, he passes other obedient children because of his mistakes and not being spoon fed throughout his life.

Long live Pakistan!!


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