Buck up Jawan! Duty Calls!

When the night grows dark and the cold sweeps in. When the wolves howl and the wildlings growl in despair. It’s when they keep their calm. It’s when they hold their nerves. Pacing silently through the shadows.

Feet steady, arms taut. Heads down and backs strong. Their eyes gauge through the mist, looking for trouble and when the target is in sight, they leap out and roar like a lion, firing round after round at the enemy until it’s deadly silent again.

The cold sweeps in one more time while they inspect the remains. Another night grows old, another enemy slain.

These are our Pak Fauj Jawans protecting our borders, protecting their motherland, protecting us. The Pakistani militia, ranking 6th largest in the world, has proved itself time and time again. Our soldiers risk their lives every day in the name of duty and many of our Shaheed have performed miracles in the honor of protecting Pakistan from foreign elements.

Buck up, jawan! You are the pride of the nation.

Today we not only celebrate the war of 1965 but the efforts of Pakistani army as a whole. Their loyalty to the nation, their discipline at work, their propriety at duty and their skill in battle are commendable attributes which only a few words can describe.

Our soldiers portray such heroism in the battlefield, such vigor and enthusiasm that one is baffled to see them perform. This is of course the fruit of the tough training they go through. Our Jawans leave their families behind for the sake of protecting the country. They are the reason the civilians can sleep peacefully for we all know that our borders are under high guard and our lions are keeping a close watch.

The Pakistan Army today is busy with operation Zarb-e-Azb (the final blow), fighting militants in North Waziristan. These militants have haunted the nation for several years. They have killed our brothers and sisters through their attacks and suicide-bombings. The Pak Fauj is now working day and night to rid the country of these infiltrators once and for all. The operation began after militant hideouts and training facilities were targeted. The goal is to sweep these terrorists from their roots. Up till now hundreds have been killed and yet more remain.

Today on Defense Day let us pray for our Mujahids who are fighting for us. May God give them strength in times of distress and may they appear victorious after this turmoil has ended for they are our defense, they our shield and they are our last hope. (Ameen)

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

― George Orwell


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