Allama Iqbal; a poet, a visionary

We take a start from the “lab pay ati hay dua ban k tammna mere” and then move towards the massive poetry coined by him, we will undoubtedly find the great ideas and philosophies implanted in the chains of the words in the form of his everlasting poetry presented by him long ago. He is not only the national poet of Pakistan rather he is the poet of East.

Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the poet of East, a great visionary thinker and a great philosopher was born on 9, November 1877 in the city of Sialkot. After receiving an early education from his hometown he moved abroad in order to quench his thirst for knowledge. While studying law in England, he became the member of London branch of ALL-INDIA MUSLIM LEAGUE. In this way he entered politics and got a chance to achieve his goals. His contribution in the field of poetry is very vast. Though Iqbal contributed a lot in literature but apart from those, his role in  the formation of this country is exceptional . His greatest achievement was to create the ideology of Pakistan that later on became the very basis of independence of Pakistan.

His poetry contains endless messages and his work in the field of literature is of supreme importance still. The most prominent feature of his work was that he always emphasized on the importance of religion. Islam to him was very much important and because of this he had an urge for a separate homeland in which Muslims could practice their religion freely. He had a great vision and he perceived future critically. He was very much aware of the sufferings of Indian Muslims and finally he used his pen like a sword in order to pierce the darkness that was embedded in the hearts and the minds. His words were influential to such an extent that ultimately they brought a fruitful result in the form of an independent state.

The themes of his poetry were of great importance and still they are regarded as a great source of inspiration. His concept of “Self” (khudi) is based on the concept of self-realization which integrates all the known facts of the universe into single unity, and this single unity is the concept of God. His concept of self-realization is not merely based on Divine power, rather he highlighted that in order for us to seek the truth of our existence; proper training, experiences and education plays a vital role.



His philosophies promoted the social norms and values and in order to progress social interaction is very much important. He once said:
“Individual exists by virtue of his social contacts. He is nonentity without that association. He is like a wave in the river and has no existence outside it.”


Iqbal was very much aware of the Importance of “education”, and according to him education is the sole of human being which creates selflessness and generosity. He focused on the youth’s education because he knew that youth would hold the future, and without the intellect and proper education future would all be murky and gloomy for Muslims. He asserted:


“Arts and sciences O lively and eager youth,
Requires a keen intellect not Western clothes
What is needed in this quest is Vision?
Not this or that particular head-dress.
If you have a subtle intellect and a discriminating mind they would suffice to guarantee success.”


Iqbal addressed Muslim youth in his poetry by calling them “Shaheen” because,

Shaheen has 5 characteristics that Allama Iqbal wanted to see in the youth


  • Lofty Flight (Buland Parwaaz)
  • Strong Vision and Sight (Taez Nigah)
  • Preference for Seclusion (Khilwat Pasand)
  • Does not settle itself in a permanent and single dwelling/nest (Ashiana nahin banata)
  • Does not feed on someone else’s pray (Kissi aur ka Shikaar nahin kahata)

So, the positive attitude and critical thinking of youth held the utmost importance to him.


Though we all admire the poetry of Iqbal, but are we still following his notions? Well, maybe or maybe not, but I guess “maybe not” is more accurate.  His concepts of “selflessness”, “unity” are disappearing or maybe they have already disappeared long ago. The turmoil and chaos which we are facing is the result of disarray prevailing in the society. As per the message of IQBAL, no nation can flourish without firm unity. Lack of education is the main culprit that is creating fuss in the society and by educating our individuals we can surly make this country a better place to live and I am quite hopeful that InshaAllah we will make Pakistan a country where we can eliminate the difference between have and have-nots. We ought to have a critical thinking and we ought to think about the present of this country and prepare ourselves for the coming future.






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