A nation gets a leader it deserves

I was scanning the Sunday magazine of one of the leading news papers of Pakistan. In doing so my eyes fell on what I was looking for, one of the writer’s article whom I have a high regard for. As I was going through the article drinking in every word and with every remark new suspicions, new queries came to pass. It was all in relation to the hard sell that long march of Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri created and the nation’s rejoinder. The concluding line of article was “A nation gets the leader it deserves”. This line was so potent that it stuck in my mind. If nations, not a crowd, comprehend this line, it elucidates their times of yore, present state of affairs and forthcoming times. If a nation needs to be reprimanded then this line is more than enough to wobble it to edifice. But this is not the case with Pakistani nation, words do not suffice them. To put in words of Talat Hussain “This nation likes to be fooled again, again and again” to learn life time lesson. It’s been 65 years since the creation of Pakistan. Had there been an era of so called leaders, in these years, when this nation not been double-crossed, swindled and deceived to the hilt. We have been mesmerized by the pied-pipers not once but on copious junctures. Do we earn all of this?? On frequent occurrences we have witnessed that an assortment of political parties raises the catchphrase of change, we pursue them without grasping where this path is leading us. Are we so frenzied and frantic for change or are we just a bunch of fool hardies awestruck by the pied-pipers?? Let’s travel through the pages of history to find the answer. When Zia-ul-Haq occupied the throne he aptly used the concept of Islamization to allure people. He exploited people in face of Islam, easily befooling them by manipulating things and then whatever were the consequences; they are not veiled from history, manipulated, yes! But not veiled. Then year after year, from martial law administrator to civilian Prime minister to the date, everyone trampled nation’s trust and hope and took away what little sanguinity was left with them. Under such consequences wherever ray of hope emerged in this pitch obscurity, people are blinded by its light and cling to it like a drowning man clutches at a straw. Even so at every stride I am trying to defend ourselves, but my conscience is pricking me and whispering perceptibly that “how long is it going to work, you have to face the music one day so, why not now?” In 65 years many generations have been raised, way of thinking has altered; perspective towards life has changed, but what has remained static is our socio-political approach. We vote for a person who is from our clan or who was considered leader by our forefathers because it is our self-worth and family pride that matters and everything else is of secondary importance. Now if the elected people contravene their powers, we have no right to raise voice against their evils. They are our manifestation. We misused what was in our power and now they are doing the same. Then why raise hue and cry?? We have made the bed and we must lie in. But just mull over that do we deserve such ruling class. No rebuffing of the fact that we have our downsides snags and societal evils, but these things are also rampant in other nations. So where are we going wrong?? Just take a moment out of your demanding lives and give it a thought because often some words and thoughts are imprinted and leave a lasting impression, and sting your conscience in a way that you are forced to think out of box, only then change is in the air and only then you have aptitude to put together accurate preferences.

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  • Ossama Waseem

    Excellent composition and I can feel the aggression, passion and patriotism hidden in the words you have chosen. I will second your thought and would just like to say that those nations who forget their history , the history forgets them too accordingly.