7th September, Air Force Day Pakistan

‘Upon equal ground; that we were brothers all
In honor, as in one community,
Scholars and gentlemen.’
William Wordsworth

Whilst the astoundment of the world, and to the shock of many: a nascent state took its destined geographical form on 14th August 1947.Marking the emergence of an ideology, victory of a vision and triumph of an aspiring Muslim creed. The staunch faith in the two nation theory, relentless motivation of the masses and tactical genius of the leadership brought forth this holy “Land of the Pure”-Pakistan.
However, the challenges faced by this newly established state began to surface soon after its creation. The presence of an inherited dysfunctional system: thwarted all nationalistic policies right at the outset. The administrative incapability and economic insufficiency created a governing turmoil which when coupled with an impending Indian war threat; became a recipe for a possible disaster. As the new state was just shedding the shackles of its co-existence, an actualization of the anticipated Indian outrage became real. By the connivance of the anti-Pakistan forces in 1948 a war was waged over the disputed territory of Kashmir. The Indian military hierarchy plotted to sabotage our frail country. Even under these difficult circumstances this great nation invested with diversity of colors stood united, differentiated in sects posed unanimous, tensed to core remained hopeful to oust all odds and defend its freedom to its last breath. The determination and commitment of Pakistani nation and its unflinching will to sustain, persist and maintain its newly gained existence, surpassed all emotions and proved triumphant.
The first battle in its full swing took the lives of many gallant soldiers and civilians alike, who sworn by their unordain sense of patriotism: put there lives at stake to procure for their nation. Although the battle was won but the threat of a new confrontation persisted .As the lapels of time unfolded, the resilient nation continued to toil, to survive and attained a steady national coherence, economic stability and political pertinence. A growing Pakistani influence in the region and alliance with USA via CEATO, SENTO and FTAs with China in the 1950s and 1960s inaugurated an era of strategic consolidation on the world stage. However, this window of progress was not welcome to all including the enemy state India.
The growing Kashmiri resentment against the Indian government became a concern for Pakistanis in the early 1960s.Who bonded by the oath of Muslim brotherhood decided to be the voice of the oppressed and defense of the downtrodden. In 1965, Pakistan started an infiltration into the disputed territory of Kashmir and successfully captured many high key areas, while Indian army caught aloof planned to launch an additional offensive operation southwards. The meager army of a daring nation with steadfast hues and magnanimous spirit defended its ideology but the cunning enemy had now begun to advance south. The Indian commander advanced Maj Gen Prasad advanced towards Lahore to gain an upper hand on a new front having lost at the previous one.

The situation became grave and extraordinary circumstances demanded extraordinary measures. The militia of the motherland though outnumbered but not outwitted, poorly equipped but not armless, troubled but not hopeless endeavored to display the same unblemishing character of 1948 and successfully defended the southern Pakistan.

Etching the history with a mind boggling military success and nature defying political acumen. The national integration reached its peaked and surpassed the highest vantage points. The slogans of the people, the cries of the patriots, the bravery of the soldiers and the faith of the believers broke the backbone of Indian insurgents by virtue of a vicious counterattack. The Indian attack formations were shattered to smithereens on the frontline and fled the scene to seek refuge from the spirit of a nation that never backs from a challenge and is ever ready to defend its sovereignty. Thus marking another victory for a new regime in the wake of countless challenges.
Of many to narrate an incident is a difficult task. But one special act of courage demands an account. On 7th September a day which started with the clamor of shells, sheer of bullets and modalities of the war. A day another war hero was born.

While the Pakistani Army was making advancements on the territorial front, Naval Fleet was cutting through the heart of the Arabian Sea on the: Pakistan Air force entrusted an F86 Fighter Pilot Muhammad Mahmood Alam to defend the skies. Squadron Leader MMAlam boarded his jet with a promise to defend his motherland. Drenched in the love for his homeland and the clarity of his purpose, MMAlam broke the sound barrier. Soaring forward at blistering heights squadron leader MMAlam calmly unholstered his missiles.

Moving at riveting speed he controlled his emotions: as every turn was crucial and any mistake could seriously jeopardize this operation. Maintaining a stealthy upper hand on his enemy aircrafts: the youth laden with valor and teeming with patriotism pulled off the unthinkable. His grip tightened, mind focused, fingers pressed, his hand toggled and with one whiff of an emotion he “FIRED’’ five missiles in one minute.
The missiles in air, following the command of the launch, oozing smoke, inched closer to the intended targets. The enemy grid alarmed by the alerts, struggled to fend of the missile: for he had placed them perfectly. With each missile MMAlam hit the target with surgical precision and utmost accuracy to clear the sky above his motherland. His loyalty to his homeland transformed into success. MMAlam downed 5 enemy hawker hunters in one minute, 4 in less than 30 seconds and 9 in total.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says so

” Every great and commanding moment in the annals of the world is the triumph of some enthusiasm”.

Transcending reality MMAlam made a record for the fastest kills but most importantly, he played a decisive role of a true defender of Pakistani skies. The maestro in the air; outgunned his opponents and won a well-deserved victory. He was awarded Sitara-e-Jurrat and still remains one of the greatest fighter pilots of all time. Squadron Leader MMAlam remains an inspiration and drive for future heroes to date. Who learn from his excellence and aspire to attain even more heights. The related is one act of magnificent heroism that is a part of many acts of extraordinary bravery, which the sons of this motherland displayed through the course of the 1965 war.
To date 6th September is celebrated with much regard to commemorate our war heroes with a display of the superior military capability of our Armed Forces. It stands one of the most prestigious national holidays, with a sole objective to illuminate the newer generations by the light of sacrifices made by their forefathers to save and heal Pakistan.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”-Nelson Mandela.


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  • Farhan

    Very Eloquently put… It’s a lovely Tribute to PAF & MM Alam sb… Stay blessed brother 🙂